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Our GEM BStrong team is on the ground now in Maui, Hawaii, assisting those who have been severely affected by the wildfires. 

Our immediate assistance will come in the form of our BStrong cash cards, which offer survivors the flexibility of purchasing whatever supplies they need most. We will also be offering relocation and short-term accommodation assistance to those who’s homes have been severely damaged or completely destroyed in the fires. We will also be offering support for pets affected.

Our team will be on the ground indefinitely, ensuring that those on Maui will be given as much long-term support as needed.

Images courtesy of Global Empowerment Mission

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Maui Wildfires


In partnership with Global Empowerment Mission, BStrong has committed an initial $I0,000,000 in donated supplies to support the people of Turkey’s devastating string of earthquakes. Our team is on the ground following the Kahramanmaraş Earthquake in ground zero providing bulk humanitarian food aid to shelters throughout southeastern Turkey in direct partnership with @turkishembassy @tcmiamibk.

The situation on the ground is one of the worst natural disasters of our time. The death toll is rising rapidly & the people displaced from buildings that are no longer livable has created an urgent humanitarian crisis that Global Empowerment Mission is directly supporting at a large scale. 

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Turkey-Syria Earthquake  

  • These supplies are used to feed the shelter which is filled with 10’s of thousands of families who have lost everything.

  • As always, 100 percent goes to the effort


Bstrong's mandate is getting refugees out and aid into Ukraine #refugeesoutaidin. Bstrong and Global Empowerment Mission have established 5 warehouses totaling in over 90,000 square feet, with over 5,000 pallet slots. Bstrong and Global Empowerment Mission have established a Welcome Center in Medyka, Poland/Ukraine border.

GEM Bstrong will focus primarily on its relocation assistance: Since the border cities are inundated with refugees, we are rapidly identifying people who have friends and family within the EU that can house and support them. Your donation funds 100% of the refugee’s transportation, lodging, and airfare to the destination of their loved ones. Also, we are helping refugees out of tents and into warm homes of Polish families through our connection with the Polish churches.  

Ukraine Crisis:
Most Recent Update

  • Expansion into Hungary & Romania: Your donation is scaling outside of Poland to partners in two other Ukrainian border countries to provide aid. 

  • Stability housing: With our Polish partners, your donation is renting additional housing facilities to refugees who are unable to find temporary housing through Polish families. We are funding 100% of their housing, food, and transportation needed.

  • Non-Ukrainian refugees: We have identified a special class of refugees where the needs are much more complicated due to visa situations and language barriers. With your donation, we are actively working with various agencies to provide a service that other NGOs may not currently provide.
  • Bstrong has raised 10M and counting. 

  • Bstrong has now committed to 15M in supplies & 100 containers. 

  • 550K in medical aid, 100K hygiene kits in transit, 225K supplies for Maldova, 10,000 families to be relocated….more soon. 

  • With your help and donations, we are able to scale these operations, evacuate women and children, relocate refugees, and provide dignity and safety to those who have been traumatized.
  • As always, 100 percent goes to the effort.

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DISCLAIMER: All funds donated to Global Empowerment Mission through the BStrong partnership are restricted to the distribution and logistics of purchasing and delivering disaster relief supplies, sending rescue teams to disaster struck areas, and distributing gift cards to affected populations. 100% of BStrong donations go directly to helping individuals in disaster affected areas with no administrative or overhead expenses withdrawn. GEM is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization providing emergency disaster relief. www.globalempowermentmission.org



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