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This 3-minute hip opener video is a perfect excuse to roll out your mat and move your body.  David Marshall, a deeply experienced yoga and meditation teacher has worked with Bethenny and offers us a quick, efficient flow to help warm up and open our hips. Read more about David below the video (spoiler alert: […]

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Would you consider M&Ms, chunky chocolate, and honey part of a charcuterie tray? Why not says Bethenny’s friend Patrick Clayton! In possibly the best charcuterie tutorial out there, Patrick shares easy, quick ways to create a mouthwatering charcuterie extravaganza that is both delicious and interesting for your guests.  Watch this video to learn the best […]

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Meet Luke Henderson, the hair and makeup wizard who works with Bethenny getting her into glam and making sure the glam stays put all day and sometimes all night. If you have tuned into The Big Shot with Bethenny on HBO Max, you may have caught a few glimpses of Luke – especially in Episodes […]

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Don’t wait for a special occasion to spruce up your space with fresh flowers, or to deliver a DIY surprise to someone special.  In this video, Bethenny’s friend Patrick Clayton gives us super easy instructions for how to create your own flower arrangement. With really practical steps, Patrick shows us how to prep flowers, how […]

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By now you will have met and gotten to know and love Jenna Leveille on The Big Shot with Bethenny. In this video, we asked Jenna to share her personal wellness journey, how she decided to found her free accountability community Getting Closer Every Day, and to give us some tips to help keep us […]

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Not your typical Mother’s Day Gift Guide, this one includes both Bethenny’s and some of her closest friends’ recommendations for budgets large and small: Bethenny’s Picks for Mother’s Day Does your Mom love puzzles? Get your Mom a puzzle of a photo of your family. There are lots of great sites that can create a […]

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Curious about paddleboarding? Meet Bethenny’s friend Gina Bradley, who takes paddleboarding to a whole new level. She and Bethenny have bonded over the benefits of paddleboarding for body and soul. Watch Gina’s video below to learn how Bethenny and Gina met, check out Bethenny’s custom Skinnygirl paddleboard, and hear a few reasons why you too […]

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If you are in the dark about what a “Breck-ism” is, take a quick detour and go to the Intro to “Breck-isms” post. In this second video, Breck Costin, an internationally renowned private coach and an important confidante for Bethenny, brings us a fresh batch of “Breck-isms” covering topics like: Rules for life Don’t be […]

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Patrick Clayton

Can we finally get back to entertaining, and being entertained? Whether it’s a small gathering or just a couple of revelers, the amazingly-talented Patrick Clayton provides us with his take on host and hostess gifts. In this video, Patrick shares truly innovative ideas at various price points, guided by his #1 rule: “Don’t bring something […]

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Breck Costin

What is the difference between a therapist and a coach? How does one get their head around big topics like aging, loss, freedom, and vitality? Breck Costin, an internationally renowned private coach and an important confidante for Bethenny, cuts through the clutter and offers us his thought-provoking “Breck-isms” including “resistance causes persistence”. In this video, […]

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Bethenny Frankel is a self-made businesswoman, TV producer, multiple New York Times bestselling author, and mother. Bethenny is the Founder & CEO of Skinnygirl, a lifestyle brand offering practical solutions to women.


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