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As more Americans return to travel, many appreciate their travel experiences more than ever after enduring 18 months of no travel. People recognize that they have more choices when deciding where to travel, how to travel, and how to pay for travel (cash or points.) Once you become a points addict like me, you want […]

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When Bethenny wants to release tension in her head and neck, she turns to Jeff Brannigan, stretching expert and co-founder of Stretch*d. In this video, Jeff illustrates 5 key stretches to alleviate neck and shoulder tension. Goodbye to poor posture from sitting at a desk (or couch). No equipment needed! Stretch*d offers one-on-one dynamic assisted […]

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Bethenny’s go to form of exercise is yoga, and when she is looking to detox, she turns to Amanda Tabankin, a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher. Inspired by Bethenny’s bendability in this mermaid pose, we asked Amanda to teach us how we can work up to being able to do that pose. Amanda takes us […]

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Wait. Legos as place cards? Boxes of chocolates? Tequila shots? “Wow!” “Bam!” Count us in. Bethenny’s friend Patrick is back with the most creative ideas for place cards that don’t require an advanced degree in origami to create. As usual, Patrick lightens up entertaining and makes it fun and easy for anyone to throw a […]

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As we shed our sweatpants post COVID, our team is wondering if we are the only ones seeing the scale creep up to the “quarantine 15” level. Do you feel us? With so many diets, programs, and experts out there, sometimes it can be overwhelming to try to get back on track. One of the […]

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Have you met Biggy and Smallz – Bethenny’s furry babies – yet? Taking care of Biggy and Smallz is a top priority for Bethenny and her daughter Bryn – Biggy and Smallz are rescue dogs from the same litter. Bethenny uses only the best trainers for the dogs – trainers who believe in kindness and […]

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Would you rather be folding napkins than laundry? But, are you completely intimidated by the notion of anything other than a rectangular napkin fold? Put your fears (and laundry) aside and get folding with these easy techniques. In this video, Bethenny’s friend Patrick shows us a few simple steps to create chic, fun, crazy, low […]

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We love this new video from Bethenny’s friend Patrick – he gives us permission to mix and match everything we already have at home to create a fun and bold tablescape – and throw all the rules out the window! “You know you’re doing this right if you’re one step away from tacky.” Patrick is […]

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Where do you get your peaches? The entire world now knows where Justin Bieber gets his. And now we know how to put them to good use, thanks to Chef Gabe who is back with another recipe to fall in love with. If you missed his other recipes, check them out here. In this video, […]

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Meet Susan Goldberg, Bethenny’s friend and travel consultant. Bethenny and Susan met through their daughters on a trip to Mexico, and have remained fast friends since then. Susan is a professional travel advisor (read more about her here) who owns Goldberg Global, a leading luxury travel and lifestyle agency. She believes that “you don’t have […]

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Bethenny Frankel is a self-made businesswoman, TV producer, multiple New York Times bestselling author, and mother. Bethenny is the Founder & CEO of Skinnygirl, a lifestyle brand offering practical solutions to women.


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