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Popcorn on top of a salad? Why not? We all know that Bethenny loves a good salad – particularly with a combination of ingredients she already has in her kitchen. Follow the recipe below to recreate the Skinnygirl Italian Salad as seen on Episode 6 of The Big Shot with Bethenny. Bethenny uses our Skinnygirl […]

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Let’s finally get together – and drink some fun, icy pitcher cocktails. Bethenny’s friend Patrick Clayton is back with another informative and entertaining video – this time with Kristin Vazquez, his Event Manager (and mixologist extraordinaire) to demonstrate three thirst-quenching pitcher drinks, complete with ASMR sound effects. Cheers! “Yes! Make that fruit your b*tch.” Patrick […]

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Chef Gabe is back! If you missed his last post, check it out here. Recently, Bethenny has been loving her vegan lifestyle – but she and Bryn also love Taco Tuesdays. For this next cooking demo from Chef Gabe, we challenged him to create a vegan version of classic (yet elevated) tacos.  In this video, […]

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We get so many questions about the whats, wheres, hows, whos of things that Bethenny posts to social media, so we started this list to give you the answers! Check back as we will update this list frequently.   June 8, 2021 Open faced pumpernickel bagel sandwich and nori wraps with leftover guacamole Vegan cheese […]

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A good day starts with a healthy breakfast. Follow the recipe below to recreate the Skinnygirl Jam Bars as seen on Episode 6 of The Big Shot with Bethenny. Bethenny uses our Skinnygirl preserves but you can use any jam or preserves you want to create this lightly sweet treat. Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Jam Bars Ingredients: 1 […]

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Patrick Clayton

We are definitely not “board” (see what we did there?) with these mini charcuterie board ideas from our favorite entertaining BPartner, Patrick Clayton. We can confidently say that our understanding of the possibilities of charcuterie boards were forever changed when we saw this video. Get out your notepads – you will want to store these […]

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Bethenny is the QUEEN of “throw it together” salads from healthful ingredients you have on hand. In this video, she shares her pro tip to help figure out whether an avocado is ripe. She then uses it as the centerpiece of a delicious use-what-you-have salad with avocado, romaine, small tomatoes (last longer), hard-boiled eggs (buy […]

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These cookies have a short, simple, and healthful ingredient list and are a cinch to make.  They are wheat, dairy and egg-free and are high in fiber. Perfect as a breakfast cookie or after school snack for kids. Bethenny uses our Skinnygirl Blackberry Mule preserves but you can use any jam or preserves you want […]

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Ever considered going vegan? While Bethenny is not always vegan, she enjoys a vegan menu when she has just undergone a juice cleanse and / or when she is trying to detox a little. For Bethenny, it’s a good transition out of a cleanse and a good way to see what foods she might be […]

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Are you a rocks glass kinda person? Or do you prefer a delicate coupe? Or maybe, at this point post-pandemic, you’re in a big honking wine glass kinda mood. Either way, this video will give you 3 simple ideas to help you fill any and all glasses. Bethenny’s friend Patrick Clayton is back with another […]

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Bethenny Frankel is a self-made businesswoman, TV producer, multiple New York Times bestselling author, and mother. Bethenny is the Founder & CEO of Skinnygirl, a lifestyle brand offering practical solutions to women.


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