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Put the crockpot away – it’s summer! And what says simple summer eating better than an easy, light, salmon dish with avocado puree and simple greens? Even if you are not a salmon person, Chef Gabe makes us want to give it another shot with this mouth-watering recipe video. Chef Gabe rose to fame as […]

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After our last post detailing the why, what, when and how of Bethenny’s own personalized juice cleanse, we received a lot of questions asking for specific menus. If you haven’t already done so, we strongly recommend that you read the first post on her cleanse and watch her video, and then come back and read […]

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It’s bridal season, and regardless of the size and scale of your wedding, all brides need a bouquet. Did you know you can make your own bridal bouquet with just a few tools and a selection of flowers? If you are not the bride, but you have one in your orbit, offer to create their […]

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If you followed Bethenny’s stories on Instagram last week, it was hard to miss the juice cleanse she embarked on, as she shared a few details on the why, what, when and how of the personalized program she puts herself on once in a while. As a natural food chef, Bethenny understands how to make […]

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Yay! It’s almost June, and we are moving quickly into picnic weather. If you’re like us, the pandemic has forced you to get creative about eating out – but don’t worry: those days of shivering in a parka at an outdoor patio in the dead of winter are in our rear view mirrors. Now we […]

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Would you consider M&Ms, chunky chocolate, and honey part of a charcuterie tray? Why not says Bethenny’s friend Patrick Clayton! In possibly the best charcuterie tutorial out there, Patrick shares easy, quick ways to create a mouthwatering charcuterie extravaganza that is both delicious and interesting for your guests.  Watch this video to learn the best […]

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If you are tired of flowers that crumple into a smelly mess after a few days of glory, check out Eternal Fleur – a company that delivers gorgeous flowers that last a year – and the best part is that they need no water and no sunlight. If you need a last minute or belated […]

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Don’t wait for a special occasion to spruce up your space with fresh flowers, or to deliver a DIY surprise to someone special.  In this video, Bethenny’s friend Patrick Clayton gives us super easy instructions for how to create your own flower arrangement. With really practical steps, Patrick shows us how to prep flowers, how […]

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Not your typical Mother’s Day Gift Guide, this one includes both Bethenny’s and some of her closest friends’ recommendations for budgets large and small: Bethenny’s Picks for Mother’s Day Does your Mom love puzzles? Get your Mom a puzzle of a photo of your family. There are lots of great sites that can create a […]

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Bethenny with Coffee

If you are like us and are looking to bring some interesting finds into your diet, get inspired with some of the foods Bethenny is into right now: Vegan Fruffalo Buffalo Style Wings from Field Roast – made with Field Roast Vegan Sausages with a spicy buffalo sauce, these pack a serious punch for vegan […]

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Bethenny Frankel is a self-made businesswoman, TV producer, multiple New York Times bestselling author, and mother. Bethenny is the Founder & CEO of Skinnygirl, a lifestyle brand offering practical solutions to women.


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